Three second-round picks get guaranteed money in fourth year of rookie deals

Over the past decade, agents have managed to stretch the number of draft picks who get fully-guaranteed rookie contracts through all of the first round. Now, guaranteed money in the fourth year of that first deal has trickled into round two.

Per a source with knowledge of the contracts, three 2022 second-round picks have signed contracts with guaranteed money in 2025.

Buccaneers defensive end Logan Hall, the first pick in round two, has a $225,000 full guarantee in the fourth year of his deal. His total base salary that year is $1.975 million.

Packers receiver Christian Watson, the second pick in round two, has $150,000 fully guaranteed in 2025, of his $1.965 million salary.

Titans cornerback Roger McCreary has $35,000 fully guaranteed in 2025. He makes, in all, $1.954 million that year.

All three players have fully-guaranteed salaries in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

The first second-round pick without a fourth-year guarantee is Jets running back Breece Hall. He pushed for a full guarantee through three year, something that Texans safety Jalen Pitre, the fifth overall selection in round two, received.