Triumph Thruxton

Hey guys its been a while since we’ve posted on our website. We have been a little bit overworked here of late, but  wanted to share with you one of our most recently completed projects.This is a 2011 Triumph Thruxton that was completed for a customer that lives on Nantucket Island. We started with a bone stock Thruxton and updated it. First order of business was a new front end. Out went the standard front end, replaced it with a modern Daytona 675 inverted front end. The triple trees were also switched to the Daytona trees, which brought the rake and trail of the bike in quite a bit and quickened up the steering.


‚ÄčTo compensate for the fast steering and avoid any tank-slappers, we added a steering damper. The front fender had a total of 5” removed and was reshaped with a custom fender stay holding it into place. Without any bolts showing, the front fender and mount have a smooth clean look. The headlamp brackets were fabricated to echo the front fender stay. We modified the factory gauge cluster to tuck cleanly under the triple tree and close to the headlamp. We replaced the front turn signals with slim line LED units to clean up the look. The factory bars were swapped for a set of LSL clip-ons. Moving rearward, the factory exhaust was replaced with an Arrow Full System and then remapped for the new exhaust.

The rear fender was deleted along with the factory taillight and turns. In their place, a slim line LED taillight was used, along with frame mounted turn signals for a nice clean finish. As for the wheels and tires; the rear sports a 180/55-17 Michelin looped around a custom dimple-less 5.5” aluminum Excel rim, which is laced with stainless steel spokes to the factory hub. On the front of the bike, a 120/70-17 tire was looped around a custom dimple-less aluminum Excel rim. There again we used stainless steel spokes but acquired a Ducati Sport 1000 Hub for the center. Both the rims and both the hubs were painted in gloss black to give the bike a more menacing look. As for the rear suspension, in true J&B Moto Co. fashion, we used a set of GAZI shocks to really tighten up the bike. On the braking side of the bike you might have noticed the Berringer brakes.

We selected Beringer calipers not only for the incredible functionality and stopping power, but also to clear the spokes on the front rim. Radial calipers and spoked rims are a tough combination to make work correctly. The whole bike was custom painted with a ghosted Union Jack over the length of the bike in shades of green to give it a classic British Racing look. We also blacked out any chrome to give the bike a tough look over the factory shine.

We also relocated the ignition switch under the tank to clean up the bars. We would like to thank Robert Lucchini for his dedication and willingness to go along with the project. This was by far one of the best experiences we had with a customer and it shows in his bike.

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