Yamaha XS400

Hey Folks, here’s a closer look at a complete custom build we recently finished and sold. This was a 1979 Yamaha XS400. Build and modifications done by Chris, paint by Brian.


-Rear section of frame removed, tail hoop welded on

-2” taller rear shocks

-Front forks dropped approximately 2”

-Emgo “shorty” mufflers

-Tank dished and custom painted

-Modified Sportster front fender

-7/8” Clubman handlebars-Cole Foster handgrips

-Aftermarket adjustable control levers

-Bar end mirror

-Custom fabricated battery box

-Custom made seat


-New Piston Rings

-New valve guide seals

-Valves adjusted

-New base gasket

-New head gasket

-New ignition points & condenser, timing set

-New gaskets on all engine covers

-Oil & oil filter replaced

-New drive chain

-Clutch adjusted

-Front and rear brake calipers rebuilt

-New front brake line

-Fresh brake fluid

-New steering head bearings

-Fresh fork fluid

-New Heidenau K60’s fitted front and rear

-New inner tubes front and rear

-Carburetors cleaned, set and jetted for “pod” style air filters & free-flowing exhaust

-Fuel tap cleaned and rebuilt with new seals

-Fuel tank lined

-New lithium ion battery

-New Hella fuse block & new fuses

-Wiring cleaned up and modified as necessary

-Starter armature cleaned, brushes inspected for wear

Here’s what we started with…



Cleaning up some bits…

Tank is taking shape…

Tank is taking shape…

A little bit of color…
A little bit of color…
Starting to come together…
Starting to come together…
Custom seat made up and fitted!
Custom seat made up and fitted!
Ripping through the snow after fitting the Heidenaus!
Ripping through the snow after fitting the Heidenaus!

A close up

A close up



We will be continuing to build bikes to sell. Keep an eye out for the next J&B Custom and make it yours!

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